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Humble Beginnings…
Stevens Industries, Inc. was founded in 1955 by Mr. Charles Stevens with the intent to supply residential wood cabinets to the surrounding area. The company was built on two guiding principles:

  • Do it right the first time.
  • Correct any mistakes in timely and efficient manner to keep the customer happy.

Although the company has grown substantially from the humble beginning in a two car garage these principals remain at the core of the company culture.

With innovation comes growth….
Moving from wood residential to laminate clad commercial casework was a monumental shift in the late 1970’s that led to explosive growth. Embracing the latest European technologies, the company was one of the first in the USA to install quick cycle laminating of thermofused melamines. New markets opened up immediately and company expanded several times to its current size of 450,000 sq ft under roof and 500+ associates. Cutting edge technology in both processes and materials remains a key component of the long term strategy as evidenced in the recent development of several new textured finishes.

Employees are key to success…
In 1998 Mr. Stevens retired transferring nearly half the ownership to the employees in the form of an ESOP and then again in 2004 another transfer took place making the company 100% employee owned. Creating a stable workforce that genuinely cares about company performance has led to a position as the leader in several markets.

The environment is important….
Stevens strives to be good stewards of the environment through our manufacturing processes as well a material acquisition. All wood based raw materials originate from recycled material and all wood waste generated through our manufacturing is recycled. We can confidently state that no live tree is harvested to produce our products nor does any wood waste go to a landfill.
So in purchasing products from Stevens Industries, Inc. you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quality product that has been produced in an ecologically friendly manner by associates that own the company.

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Stevens Industries, Inc. - I.D.Systems
Stevens Industries, Inc. - I.D.Systems
Stevens Industries, Inc. - I.D.Systems

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